Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weight Watchers: Week 3 Weigh In

  This week I lost a total of 2.8 lbs!!! YAY! That's a great number to see after the .4 lb weight loss last week. That brings my total to 7.8 lbs lost! NOT TOO SHABBY!

  As I mentioned in my last post, I focused on eating more salads for lunches and/or dinners, and I tried to drink more water, and it seems to have helped. I was even able to make a gluten free pizza (using Udi's pizza crust) last week and stayed within my points for the day/week.

  I was only able to get in a little exercise - I went on a mile walk around our neighborhood with my 16 lb baby strapped to me in a front carrier! I hope to do that walk at LEAST once a week. And as I mentioned before - I also need to find a workout that I'd like... like maybe a Zumba DVD.

  How was your week? Let me know how you did!

 I'll leave you with a great quote from my mom this week:
     "Remember, nothing tastes as good as being thin/fit feels!!!"

Have a wonderful week!

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