Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weight Watchers: Week 1 Weigh In

Hello friends!
  So, as promised, I am here to tell you how my first week on Weight Watchers went, and give you my results and tips.

  My weigh in day is Saturday mornings (you only weigh yourself once a week), and after my first weigh in I discovered that I lost 4.8lbs the first week! YAY!!!!! I wasn't sure what to expect - would it be a big number? A SMALL number? But I had to remind myself - any amount lost is still a loss (of fat/weight)... so if it had only been a single pound, or even a few ounces, that's still SOMETHING - And you (us as a whole) should be proud of that!

  I am very happy with that number! And I thought I would give you some insight as to what I ate last week (in case you want some meal ideas). (Please keep in mind that I eat very simple meals. I don't really cook fancy meals. I want quick and easy... and yummy, of course).

  In the mornings, I am always busy taking care of my 4 month old son while trying to get ready for work... so I found that snacking on apple slices and drinking water usually tided me over until I ate a late lunch right before I went to work (I don't start work until about 3pm). I started toasting an english muffin, putting mayo and a little mustard on both halves, and then putting an over-easy egg on each half of the muffin (and eating each side as an open-faced sandwich). If I had an avocado, then I would slice that puppy up and put that on top. I also made Ore Idea Crispy Crown tater tots with it (I know - interesting sounding lunch... but hey! It keeps me full, and it tastes good!). For my meal at work, I would either eat left overs (this week it was salmon and rice with broccoli one day, and pizza another day) or I would make a peanut butter sandwich, as well as bring carrot sticks and an apple (which are both zero points!). I kept a low fat Yoplait yogurt in my lunch in case I got really hungry and needed it (only 2 points) but I never did. Sometimes I'd start by only eating half of the sandwich, then switch to the fruit and veggies and see if that would tide me over until I got home (because peanut butter sandwiches are kinda high in points). Sometimes all I'd need is that half of a sandwich (and if that was the case, then I would eat the other half when I got home as my dinner (I get home late at night so we don't have a lot of family dinners in the evenings during the week) so the half of a sandwich is handy to have). But sometimes I needed to eat the other half while at work... and that was totally fine.... it just limited what I could eat when I got home from work - because I will have eaten more points). Those were my usual meals that week. I also ate sushi one night (YUM!) and found that Jimmy John's lettuce wrapped sandwiches (called an "Unwich") was low in points!
  PS: Remember how I said that I felt hungry ALL THE TIME when I first started? Well, don't worry, that went away once I found which foods kept me fuller longer.

  ~ Drink a lot of water. Its super good for you! And most other drinks are surprisingly high in points. Plus, sometimes when you are dehydrated you feel hungry. Drinking water will help keep you from feeling hungry when you aren't really needing to eat again.
  ~ Limit your carb, sugar and starch intake - those foods are high in points.
  ~ Weigh yourself from the same scale each time. Only weigh yourself ONCE a week (or you could become too obsessed with the number on the scale - especially if you see it rise at any point). And make sure its around the same time of day. I weigh myself in the morning before I've eaten, right before I get in the shower (meaning strip down, people!!!! Different kinds of clothing weigh different amounts. You don't want that altering your weigh in amount each week because one time you were naked, but another time you had your pjs on, or another time you were layered in a ton of clothes).
  ~ You can totally eat that brownie, or piece of cake or slice of pizza... you just have to have a smaller amount than you probably want. But after a while, that's all you'll need to satisfy that craving.
  ~  Track EVERYTHING that you eat. And if you aren't quite sure of the point value, record it at a higher point value, just to be safe.
  ~If you know there will be a day or time during your week where you will want to splurge with your food choices, just save up your extra weekly points that you are given and use those! Just try REALLY hard not to go over them.
  ~ Just keep going! Don't give up! Sometimes you will hit a plateau, where you will not lose any weight... or you may gain a little. DON'T LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU! Its totally normal for your body to hit a plateau. But if you keep at it, I promise that you will eventually start losing again. (This happened to me the first time I did WW... but I didn't give up, no matter how frustrated I was. It took a few weeks, but the weight started dropping off again.)
  This program isn't a diet for me. Its more of a lifestyle change. It helps me to learn the correct portion sizes, and shows me I can eat that cookie... just maybe not have four of them at one time. It keeps me from over-doing it on carbs (which are my favorite kinds of foods... and I would LOVE to pig out on those foods all day long). And because you are eating healthier, you body starts to crave the bad foods less and less, which is nice.

  Also, I wanted to mention that I did not work out at all this last week. I do move a lot at work, but I did not exercise (Although I plan to start exercising again soon).

  I hope that this information helps or inspires you. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have - I will try my best to help you or give you more insight.

  Please keep at it friends! You can do this! We can do this together! Be proud of yourself for wanting to be healthier and for actually DOING something to help yourself! It may be hard and slow at first, but it will get easier if you keep at it.

  I'M PROUD OF YOU!!!!! You are doing a GREAT job! Keep it up!

 Much love,

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