Saturday, November 23, 2013

SUPER Yummy Gluten Free Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Ok, so I have been craving pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies all month long. But being allergic to gluten added some difficulty to my quest to find a yummy pumpkin flavored treat that I can eat. I decided to take matters into my own hands and throw some things together... and luckily for me, it turned out WONDERFUL! And, its super simple because I used a gluten free cake mix to help me out! 

Here's What You Need:

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix (I used Betty Crocker)
(and you'll need the ingredients listed on the cake mix - in this case, some eggs, water and butter)

15oz can of Pumpkin Puree

1 & 1/2 Teaspoons Each of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ground Cloves
(I might have actually used a little less on the cloves)

Vanilla Extract
(I never measure with vanilla extract - I love it too much. I just poor in what looks good. But if you need some sort of guideline to follow, try about a tablespoon... or two :)  )

*Milk Chocolate Chips - Optional

Here's What You Do:

Mix all those delicious things together real well. Then, grease a cake pan or bunt pan (this is what I did), and poor in the batter. (This is actually where I added the chocolate chips. I meant to just add a few to the batter, but forgot to, and didn't realize it until I had poured the batter into the bunt pan. I just sprinkled in a handful and then pushed them under the surface of the batter). I baked the cake according to the directions on the cake mix. When the cake was still warm, I flipped it out of the bunt pan onto a platter and went to work on a glaze. (Feel free to use good old canned frosting! I just didn't have any on hand... so this is what I did...)


In a microwave safe bowl, I threw in some powdered sugar, drizzled in a little milk, some vanilla extract, and some cinnamon. This is all done to taste, so I don't have any measurements to give you... just tweak it until it you like the flavor. Pop it in the microwave for a little bit to help dissolve the sugar. 

I sprinkled some brown sugar over the bunt cake, then drizzled on the glaze.

I had no idea how the cake was going to turn out, but I was SOOOOO happy with the flavors - and it was SO moist! I took the cake to work and all the girls loved it! 

I didn't think to get a pic of the cake until we were nearly finished with it, so I'm sorry its not a good photo! But I will be making another one for Thanksgiving, so I'll be sure to get a decent pic for you :)

UPDATED 11/28/13 ** Here is an updated pic! I made the cake for Thanksgiving - and it was a hit!
(I was so busy running around cooking all sorts of things for Thanksgiving, that when I made this cake I totally forgot to put in the spices!!! But, being the clever lass I am, I decided to take some brown sugar, then add a little cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and I sprinkled that over the top of the cake once it was baked. Then when I made the glaze, I added some nutmeg and a little clove to the cinnamon/vanilla/powdered sugar/milk that I already use. It worked perfectly!!! I think my husband and dad prefer the cake this way. Just wanted to let you know of another way to make it).

Enjoy! And let me know if you make any modifications, and how it goes!!!


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