Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hair Quick Tip

Want to know how to make your hair have a little more volume and movement?!

  Velcro rollers!!! You heard me right - velcro rollers are a wonderful tool to give you a little more volume and shape to your style! They are over looked, but are effective and easy to get - why not give it a try?!
(You can find velcro rollers at your local drug store).

  Use velcro rollers on dry hair, hit them with the blowdryer so they get nice and hot, let them cool then take them out. They will look a little crazy at first, but flip your head over and run your fingers through hair, flip your head back up, then smooth out your hair if needed. Hold the shape in place with hairspray! Its that easy! Here are some pics to give you an example (I wasn't originally planning to make a blog post about this, so I forgot the before pic... but trust me, my hair is super fine and limp):

* BONUS TIPS: Help build your style by using the correct hair products! Before blowdrying hair, use a root booster at the roots, (such as Redken Rootful) and a heat protectant on the midshaft to ends of your hair (like Redken Satin Wear). Once hair is dry and you are about to put in your rollers, spray each section to be rolled with a stronger heat protectant. This will also add hold and memory for your curls so they last longer! (I used Redken Spray Starch 15). 
Let me know if you have any questions!!!! Send me some before and after pics and I'll post them on my blog!
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